My assemblages are made with found and vintage objects which I use as narrative to

explore a wide variety of themes. The pieces are created within a 1 ½"

deep handmade shadow box made with foam core and illustration board, which are

then framed in hand-milled 2.5" deep wood frames and sealed under glass.

I also create unframed assemblages on 1" to 1.5" ampersand board as well as multimedia boxes.


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Contact Information:


studio phone:203.264.7686


The Alchemy of Flowers

28" x 20"
framed under glass
Made with vintage botany prints from several old books; chemistry equipment including pipettes, test tubes, thermometer, and pieces of other lab ware; vintage brass pieces with old jewelry; bottles, microscope; hose nozzle; scissors; notebook; wooden box.
There are several definitions of alchemy but this is  the one which suited me best: Any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of great value. Of course, being an artist I could translate this definition any way I I did it this way. I have had in my collection a box of beautiful lab pieces so it seemed the right fit to use them to concoct these flowers made with old jewels. It should be noted the pipettes used as stems were not found that way. I put my life in great risk by sucking green paint into each one to look like green stems. I am happy to share that not one drop of green paint made it into my mouth.  Art is dangerous, my friend.
Parents shouldn't have favorite kids but I admit this one is one of my all time favorites. I failed chemistry twice, but I aced this piece.
Once again I would like to thank my forever pal Betsy Youngquist for donating the eye bud.