Waiting for the Rain

20” x 20”
framed under glass 
Made with assorted medical tool parts, antique hose head, wrist and pocket watch faces, metal leaves, vintage  climate and world maps,  vintage hygrometer, pages and illustrations from vintage book of flowers, gems taken from old costume jewelry. 
You can’t always set your watch to when Spring will arrive. But I have a strong sense that flowers do. They’ve been dormant for months and expect the Spring with the rain and the warm rays of sun to be punctual so that they can come back to life. In fact, they’ve set their watches by it.

Once Upon a Time

21" x 21"
Framed under glass
Made with found sticks and twigs, vintage bisque doll parts, antique typewriter parts,  hand cut books, vintage book illustrations,  antique toys and  ink  pen nibs used as buds on trees, horse legs and fox tail.
The most memorable stories written always begin with Once Upon a Time.....

Where the Wild Things Roam

20" x 20"
Framed under glass
Made with old Corona typewriter parts, ribbon, vintage elephant figurine, brass animals, and vintage book and book pages.
My ideas are often inspired by vintage beautiful book covers like this one. I didn’t have to read it to know that there were some very exciting tales of wild animals roaming between the pages.

Night Owls

22" x 22" x 1.5"
Framed under glass
Made with old owl prints, lighter, flashlight, antique claw feet holding a planet, marbles, watches,      chains, and stars made with stones from vintage jewelry.
I’m a night owl. While most people are settling in for the night and ending their day, I’m often just getting started. 

The Escape

15" x 17" x 1.5"
framed under glass
Made with antique bird lithograph, cage, vintage anagrams, miniature cup on table, candle on chair, and fork which fell from cage and now sits atop the letter H, and leaves collected off trees during the middle of winter in New Hampshire.
I've never been a fan of any animal locked in a cage. As a kid I cried at zoos and my parents were politely asked to remove me from the bleachers the first time I went to a circus. Seeing all those beautiful animals cooped up in cages then dressed up in stupid outfits to be paraded around and gawked at did not put me in a jolly mood.  Much to the dismay of my fellow circus goers I let everyone know it.
What if the tables were turned and we were the ones locked up in cages.  Hopefully a kind animal looking in would have the heart to let us out or we’d just get fed up and find our own way out.  
The fact is we all feel a little caged in sometimes. Who hasn't thought of escaping?
No longer available

A Penny for your Thoughts

15" x 17"
Framed under glass
Made with play money, pennies, vintage leather wallet, doll head,

Dream Warriors

23" x 26"
Framed under glass.
Made with vintage Strategy: The Game of Armies game cover, toy sheep, bisque doll heads, tin monkey, truck and soldiers, blocks, train, clock face, moon and sun.
Vintage game boxes have the most incredible graphics I have ever seen. This one inspired me immediately. This describes the process of falling asleep, counting sheep, drifting off to that place where reality becomes fantasy;  the journey toward our dreams begins.
Please notice  that one of the sheep is driving the truck so you're in good hands.


15" x 17"
Framed under glass
Made with original doctors' prescriptions from the 1920's, book pages and  illustrations from vintage  health books, spoons, medicine bottle, and various objects including a toy plane, dog, paint tubes, shells, etc. spilling out of the bottle and sitting on the spoons.
We all have our own antidotes for when we are feeling a little under the weather both mentally or physically. Some hop on a plane, read a book, walk the dog, look at the stars, take a drive. Whatever your chosen remedy,  it is sometimes a far more wholesome choice than some of the drugs prescribed by these doctors. Did you read some of the prescriptions? No wonder we're a drug obsessed society.

Depth of Field Sonata

20” x 26”
Framed under glass.
Made with violin, bellows camera parts, sheet music, vintage prints, Victorian photo album pages, beech tree leaves, wasp nest, hand painted field scene on violin face, and vine.
This is purely a play on words I couldn’t resist capturing in a piece. I am a fan of nature photography and documentaries which often use classical music to heighten and accentuate the drama and beauty. This is my interpretation of the forces of photography, nature and music coming together. Please take note of bird peering out of camera lens and flower in view finder.

Train of Thought

18” x 23”
Framed under glass.
Made with vintage trains and tracks, toy soldier, doll and China figurine parts, tin elephant, tea pot and cup, watch, blocks, globe, doll eye.

Pet Peeves

10" x 12"
framed under glass
Vintage animal prints, vintage celluloid lion and doll, antique pet book.
Can you guess what my pet peeves are in this piece? Well for starters, domesticating wild animals, zoos, exotic animal acts, and so on.

Blowing a Fuse

21" x 23"
framed under glass
Vintage scientific electronic board, wires, knobs, knife switch, vintage fuses.

Tales from Storyland

20" x 33"
Framed under glass
Books, book pages, typewriter ribbon tin, vintage  miscellaneous animal characters from old books, scissors, bisque doll parts, cup, old diecast toys,  globe with fishing line and hook, key,vintage Cracker Jack toys, spoon,  metal zeppelin, and brass key hole.

The Anatomy of a Player

21" x 25"
framed under glass
Made with old game pieces including game board, checkers, dice, dominoes, play money and tin toys; old advertising plastic shoes; antique anatomy prints of head and hands; gears; tassel.
No, I'm not a man hater. In fact, this piece can refer to any gender. However I do realize there are a couple cocks in there pecking at a bell. It's just a fun look at the oldest game in the world.

The Art of the Letter

framed under glass
Made with original letters and envelopes from the 1940's, vintage pencils, and an old post office box door which took me two days to remove the rust and grime, restoring it to its original luster.
There will never be anything to equal the excitement of getting a letter; the handwriting, the postage mark, even the smell of the letter communicated so much more than just the words alone. Instead of writing an email  send off a handwritten note to a friend today. It's an art worth preserving.

Color Your World


16" x 20" x 1.5"
On cradled board
Made with vintage original artist’s palette, paint brush, suitcase handle and hardware, propeller, and compass.
Travel to me is an expression of art. We have all seen pictures and paintings and artistic renderings of some of the most impressive places on earth. This piece pays homage to all those “artists” who are inspired enough to make the journey to see these places with their own two eyes.