My assemblages are made with found and vintage objects which I use as narrative to

explore a wide variety of themes. The pieces are created within a 1 ½"

deep handmade shadow box made with foam core and illustration board, which are

then framed in hand-milled 2.5" deep wood frames and sealed under glass.

I also create unframed assemblages on 1" to 1.5" ampersand board as well as multimedia boxes.

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studio phone:203.264.7686


'Round the World Travel

24" x 24" x 1.5"
on board
Vintage tine game and airplane (the plane spins!), handle from old suitcase, flags from geography book printed oin the early 1900's.
The best part about this piece is that the plane spins to assist the world travel as to where to fly next. I am really enjoying creating these pieces on board because it allows me to use items that I would not have been able to fit in a box under glass. For a final touch I found an old suitcase at the dump and used the handle and latch to make the piece look like a piece of luggage. I'm usually not partial but I really LOVE this piece!!!

Travel Music

24" x 30"
framed under glass
Made with violin, old maps, Tootsie Toy airplane, and numerous vintage objects including toy double decker bus, camera lens, propeller, watch face, wooden shoe, pearls, shells, swan, marbles, elephant and on and on and on and on.....

Rangeland Romances

18" x 24"
framed under glass
Made with original Rangeland Romance magazine and pages, vintage Atlas book cover from the 1920's, toy gun, train track, bullet casings, antique tin types, brass saddles and cowboy hat, flower coming out of gun barrel, cowgirl and cowboy.
Romance soothes the savage West.

Nesting Music

24" x 27"
framed under glass
Made with vintage bird lithographs, antique violin mold, bests and eggs, twigs for strings, sheet music, airbrushed sky, pocket watch.
This violin mold has been hanging on my studio wall for years. I finally took the plunge and used it so this piece is particularly special to me.

Design for a Nest

20" x 20"
framed under glass
Made with vintage bird and flower prints, calipers, pulleys, eggs, watch face, pencils made from twigs, feathers, level, chair with small nest and egg, bottles with feathers and dried flowers, lockets with bird pictures.
Didn't your mother always tell you when you had the fortune of finding a nest you must never, EVER, touch the eggs or else the mom wouldn't return to the nest. That's why I'm lowering the  egg  into the nest by way of a pulley. Whether that was true or not it certainly scared me enough not to ruffle any feathers and  to observe from a safe distance.
We all have our own way of nesting. It's a pretty universal urge for both man and beast!

Early Lessons in Finance

10" x 12"
framed under glass
Vintage comic book ads, tin box, money, and an assortment of stuff kids wasted their allowance on through the years which I then bought at flea markets.

Mailing Myself to You

10" x 12"
framed under glass
Made with vintage postcards, stamps and bisque doll.
"Gonna wrap myself in paper
I'm gonna daub myself with glue
Stick some stamps on my head;
I'm gonna mail myself to you."
   Woody Guthrie


10" x 10"
framed under glass
Made with old Vogue patterns, vintage buttons and spools of thread. In the center of the heart is an arrow made with a safety pin and sewing needles with red thread coming  through the eyes.

Pearly Gates

8 7/8" x 5 1/4" x 3.5"
Kinetic wooden box
Wooden box covered with vintage star maps and wooden anagram letters. Inside the box is a gate, a vintage postcard of people waving from the moon, and pearls moving freely behind Plexiglas.

The Architecture of Home

24" x 24" x 1.5"
This piece is on ampersand board and hangs as you see it. 
This piece is made with hand cut rulers, slide rules, and t-squares, There is also a key, steel calipers, key hole brass cover, anagrams, and pages from vintage architecture books and periodicals. The letters on the ruler are from an old anagrams game. The architectural pages are wrapped around all four sides of the piece.

Time to Talk

24"x 24"x 1.5"
This piece is on ampersand board and hangs as you see it.
This piece has an old tin telephone with a working dial which still rings when you dial it. Time To Talk is spelled out in small letters on the receiver. The phone is atop a vintage factory clock face. Around the perimeter of the clock is an assortment of vintage postcards which portray different  events, holidays, sentiments and emotions.  In the background and around all four sides of the piece are cards from a 1950's educational word game.
Enough with the social media and texting. Isn't it time to connect with a loved one with a good old fashioned phone call? 

Smile, Damn You

8 7/8" x 5 1/4" x 3.5"
Wooden Box
The box is covered on all sides with old photos of people who are NOT smiling for the camera. 
On the lid of the box is the viewing window taken from a vintage bellows camera. When opened, it  says "ready, set...."
Inside the box is an old postcard with false teeth prompting the viewer to  "Smile, Damn You."  At the bottom of the box is the original lens from the bellows camera. Inside the lens you'll spy a woman with a big smile on her face as well as a boy and another woman peering from behind the mirrors on either side of the lens who also have  big smiles on their faces.  At least some people take good direction.

Never Forget

10" x 10" x 3/4"
This piece in on ampersand board and hangs as it appears.
This piece has original letters including a V-Mail letter and envelope from WW2. The flag is flying on a brass pole and carried proudly by an old lead toy elephant which has a victory postage stamp affixed to  his side. The ink pen has written Never Forget on the air mail envelope.

Musical Chairs

21" x 30" 
This piece is framed under glass.
This piece has old sheet music, time charts from a vintage geography book, a strange old blood red record, pulleys, chain, hooks, cleats, pocket watch, and chairs.
This is musical chairs industrialized.

Roadside Attractions

10" x 10" x 1"
This piece is on ampersand board and hangs as you see it.
This piece has tableware covered with vintage postcards. It also has vintage road maps and cars taken from mid-century magazines. The vintage Duncan Hines book was printed in the 1950's.


17" x 31"
This piece is framed under glass.
I deconstructed an entire vintage Victorian photo album to create this piece. I used the pages, brass clasps and leather which I very carefully removed from the album. The lens mounted  above the eggs is from an antique stereoscopic photo viewer. Behind the lens you will see two images of children hatching from eggs. The three images used in the album pages are original postcards. The wooden box holding the nests and hand-painted eggs was originally used by a watchmaker to store his parts.
We all came from a very long line of eggs and this piece pays tribute to our "embryonic" heritage.  Do you see a family resemblance?

Bull in a China Shop

11" x 13"
This piece is framed under glass.
Made with toy bull, broken plates and sales tickets waiting to be written up to tally up the damage.


                   31" x 15.5" 
                    This piece is framed under glass.           
           Made with illustrations from antique architectural books and periodicals, vintage book spines, old alarm clock,  silverware, door knobs, key plates and latch, old key.                                  

Smile, Damn You

21.5" x 27"
This piece is framed under glass.
Old photos, postcard, bellows camera, tin monkey, blocks, Empire State Building souvenir, vintage clown key chain.
Having your picture taken during the advent of photography was a painful process. It required you to hold a pose for several minutes to ensure a good picture. Try holding a smile for that long. Yup, very painful. No wonder no one is smiling in this piece. The Smile, Damn You postcard was surely created in an attempt to inspire great feats of smile strength. Unfortunately, only a select few were able to meet the challenge. In this piece the sole smiler is in the lens of the camera. Hopefully your computer will allow you to enlarge the image and see the giddy subject. 

Sweet Tooth

7 x 10.5 x .5"
Built in a cigar box under Plexiglas.
The entire cigar box is wrapped all the way around with Mary Jane candy wrappers. It was inspired by the Tommy Sweet Tooth book seen in the box. I also included medical book pages, display teeth from an antique dental kit, and a brass locket with a tooth. Don't worry; all the teeth are fake because that's what you get when you eat too much sugar. 

Play With Your Food

24" x 30"
Framed under glass.
Old Milton Bradley game and spinner, Mary Jane candy wrappers, gumballs, Pez dispensers and candy, mid-century diner ephemera, ice cream scoop, shovel, glass, straws, clown, vintage Cinderella Coach pull toy, and yo-yo.
    Wherever sugar goes fun always follows!
P.S. This piece took a while to complete because I kept eating most of the gumballs and Pez and had to run out and buy more...twice. 

Living and Loving Outside the Lines

21' x 31"
This piece is framed under glass.
I bought this old coloring book at a flea market and used the pages as is. Clearly the kid who colored the pages refused to stay in the lines and always chose a different  color than the one suggested by the book.
If you notice, the  scissors are cutting the lines that this wonderful kid decided to ignore. Sometimes you find the greatest inspiration in the oddest of places...even an old coloring book.

Nature's Palette

21" x 27"
This piece is framed under glass.
I used an old wooden box for this piece. There are a pair of binoculars, a specimen tin, and a real hornet's nest with colored pencils popping out of it. I cut the tips off  tubes of oil paint and attached  them to the hand painted wooden eggs, fruit, flowers, and is sitting in the nest. The compartment of shells have paint brushes being dipped inside them  The Earth, Sea and Sky book cover also has paint tube tips.
An artist friend of mine, Grace Cooper,  was having a difficult time blending her many tubes of oil paint to match the  colors of the scene she was painting; the greens weren't rich  enough, the blues not brilliant  enough, the yellows not vibrant enough. I mentioned how great it would be if she could squeeze out the color from the objects she was trying to capture in her painting like paint from a tube: squeezing the perfect shade of  red from the apple, blue from the egg, yellow from the flower...and so on. This piece was inspired from that thought. 

April Showers

10" x 15"
This piece is framed under glass.
This piece is made with old weather maps, bottles with seeds, an old print,small  umbrella and pressed flowers from my garden.

A Love Story

8 7/8" x 5 1/4" x 3.5"
Wooden Box
This box is covered with pearls, whole and crushed shells, and vintage hand written letters.
On the inside is an antique tin type of a woman, calipers, old letters ,and shells.  The bottle is filled with various mementos including lace and ribbon. Tied to the neck of the bottle is a locket with an old map on one side and a handwritten note the says, "I am here" on the other.

Our New Possessions

Box made from old book parts.


Wooden Box
The outside of  the box is covered with recipes from old recipe books. The book is called Suppers and was published in the early 1930's. The "napkin" under the fork is the cover sheet from another old book. The knife is below the fork and spoon. Inside are more recipes and an illustration from a very old "Mother's Helper" recipe book.

Early Riser

Wooden Box
8 7/8" x 5 1/4" x 3.5"
The outside of the box is covered with vintage black and white prints which mimic the quality of light as dawn breaks. There is also an old alarm clock set at 6:15. When you open the box there are vibrant color prints representing the rising sun illuminating the world. Inside the tea cup is a nest with egg with a spoon resting on the saucer. This piece is perfect for the early riser.