My assemblages are made with found and vintage objects which I use as narrative to

explore a wide variety of themes. The pieces are created within a 1 ½"

deep handmade shadow box made with foam core and illustration board, which are

then framed in hand-milled 2.5" deep wood frames and sealed under glass.

I also create unframed assemblages on 1" to 1.5" ampersand board as well as multimedia boxes.


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Contact Information:


studio phone:203.264.7686


Shoot for the Stars

10” x 12”
Framed under glass.
Made with toy gun, vintage jewelry, star maps. 

Depth of Field Sonata

20” x 26”
Framed under glass.
Made with antique  botany glass slides, violin, bellows camera parts, sheet music, vintage bird and flora prints, beech tree leaves, wasp nest, hand painted field, and vine. 

Weather Report

24” x 30”
Framed under glass
Made with vintage weather and astronomy maps, thermometers, original E.T. Paul sheet music cover, glass, pencil,  bird nest and egg, leaves, twigs, antique ice skater toy, pulley, and umbrella. 

Train of Thought

18” x 23”
Framed under glass.
Made with vintage trains and tracks, toy soldier, doll and China figurine parts, tin elephant, tea pot and cup, watch, blocks, globe, doll eye.

Blowing a Fuse

20” x 23”
Framed under glass.
Made with vintage electronic project kit, fuses, wire and knife switch. 

Animated Nature

21" x 21"
Made with vintage animal prints, game board, and assorted objects and toys.
I've had the old book Animated Nature sitting on my studio shelf for years and as I was tearing out pages to use for a piece the title suddenly hit me. It conjured up images of  animals revving up their personalities in an effort to be animated and gain my attention....which it did.

Pet Peeves

10" x 12"
framed under glass
Vintage animal prints, vintage celluloid lion and doll, antique pet book.
Can you guess what my pet peeves are in this piece? Well for starters, domesticating wild animals, zoos, exotic animal acts, and so on.

Tales from Storyland

20" x 33"
Framed under glass
Books, book pages, typewriter ribbon tin, vintage  miscellaneous animal characters from old books, scissors, bisque doll parts, cup, old diecast toys,  globe with fishing line and hook, key,vintage Cracker Jack toys, spoon,  metal zeppelin, and brass key hole.

Setting the Stage

11" x 13"
framed under glass
Made with flag, gold tassels from an old military medal, canon, book pages, antique postcard, ink pen nibs below and firing out of the cannon. 
I finally got to see Hamilton on Broadway. This is what happened. 

Beauty Culture

11" x 13"
framed under glass
Made with old book pages, Lord Chesterfield tin, lion head, razor, doll parts.

Doll Face

11" x 13"
Made with old cabinet cards, antique doll head, and pearl necklace.

The Anatomy of a Player

21" x 25"
framed under glass
Made with old game pieces including game board, checkers, dice, dominoes, play money and tin toys; old advertising plastic shoes; antique anatomy prints of head and hands; gears; tassel.
No, I'm not a man hater. In fact, this piece can refer to any gender. However I do realize there are a couple cocks in there pecking at a bell. It's just a fun look at the oldest game in the world.

The Art of the Letter

framed under glass
Made with original letters and envelopes from the 1940's, vintage pencils, and an old post office box door which took me two days to remove the rust and grime, restoring it to its original luster.
There will never be anything to equal the excitement of getting a letter; the handwriting, the postage mark, even the smell of the letter communicated so much more than just the words alone. Instead of writing an email  send off a handwritten note to a friend today. It's an art worth preserving.

Living and Loving Outside the Lines

21" x 31"
framed under glass as shown
Made with old coloring book, crayons, scissors.
 I bought this old coloring book at a flea market and used the pages as is. Clearly the kid who colored the pages refused to stay in the lines and always chose a different  color than the one suggested by the book.
If you notice, the  scissors are cutting the lines that this wonderful kid decided to ignore. Sometimes you find the greatest inspiration in the oddest of places...even an old coloring book.