Down the Rabbit Hole



Made with wooden rabbit, top hat, book pages, alarm clock, playing cards,mirror, bisque doll parts, vintage illustrations, keys, tea cups, spoon, dollhouse furniture, candelabra, bottle, and numerous miniatures.

We all find ourselves falling down the rabbit hole from time to time. Try to make the best of it like Alice did.


Rise and Shine Showdown


18.5” x 25.5”
Made with  vintage celluloid cowboy, alarm clock, toys guns on springs, tin, moon and sun charms, , book, vintage sun and earth prints, clock parts, star map, solar system charts from old geography books. 
The alarm clock is the enemy in the battle between sleep and wakefulness. No matter hard you fight, the alarm clock and rising sun will always claim victory.

Water Music


22” x 28”
Made with violin, deconstructed trumpet parts, faucet, barometer,compass,  watering can spout with “water” made from vintage jewelry crystals , music stand holding vials of seeds, vintage flower prints, old sheet music.

The Exodus


24” x 30”
Old Zeppelin model, vintage trains and train tracks, various vintage animal toys, trees, palm tree,  canoe with bisque doll, rock,  old celestial and star maps, crystal stars, chains.
Studies have shown that animals are much more attuned to the environment than humans are and can sense major changes in weather triggering instincts to move to a higher ground. Perhaps something unworldly will assist their emigration to “boldly go where no man has gone before,” unless they allow a few of us to hitch a ride. 

Wheel of Fortune


23” x 23”
Made with old parcheesi game board, antique trumpet parts, wooden mold, vintage game spinner, painted wooden bird, wooden block, crown, antique bisque doll parts, jester, tea cup, spoon and saucer with heart in cup, spoon, wooden chair with rabbits, old fortune teller cards, wooden goblet.

Life: Spin the wheel. You never know what you’re going to get. 

The Architecture of Personality


19” x 29”
Made with rulers, parts of old cuckoo clock, calipers, wooden leveler, vintage optometrist test glasses, marbles, old wooden gear, watch parts, marbles, plastic nose pencil sharpener, ears and mouth, pencil, old blueprint, anatomy drawings, doll eyes.
It takes a strong foundation to keep a personality disorder in order. 

Scenes from Home


25” x 31”
Made with hand cut wooden rulers, pages from vintage House Plans Magazine, midcentury doll house furniture, vintage paper doll parts, sheep, celestial print, food wheel made from old kitchen whisk, old toys and game pieces, brass dog head gazing into mirror with doll eye in his mouth, chair with pencils and ink pen nibs, glass with grapes, tea cup and bedazzled shoe under couch, lion door knocker with dog at door.  In attic there is a collage of old prints, an old wooden box, candle, chair, tin beach ball. 
I have depicted the home and the various rooms as a stage set where acts and drama-both comedic and dramatic- play out on a daily basis. 

The Dream Slayer


18”x 20”
Made with vintage dollhouse furniture, old map of the heavens, bisque doll and doll arm, antique lead military horse and rider, old tin ball, souvenir globes, marbles, vintage letter opener “sword,” dinosaurs, rabbit blowing trumpet, ladder, old pulley, chain, watch parts.
When the magic hour arrives and the sleeping hours begin, that’s when the dream slayer heeds the warning that danger is near. The soldier rises from bed,
assembles their army, grabs a sword and slays the nightmare under the bed. 

Inflated Ego


17.5”x 23.5”
Made with vintage aviation and weather charts, old phrenology prints, vintage Sears gauge, heart mirror which reflects your image 6 times, crown jewelry atop the mirror, assorted industrial parts with tubing, vintage pearl pin popping head. 
When you look into the heart shaped mirror you will see  six images of yourself wearing a crown. If you find yourself gazing too long or repeatedly at your reflection it may cause your ego to inflate to dangerous levels. Should this occur please use pin provided to pop your ego and return safely to the ground. 

Hatching Humanities


28.5”x 22”
Made with eggs, vintage magazine cover, prints from antique sketch book, time chart and illustrations from 1928 geography book, pages from antique dictionary, doll eyes, pocket watch faces, tin globe, compass, brass heart, nesting. 

Every great and life changing innovation throughout history has always sprung first from the hatching of an idea. 


One Trick Pony



Made with vintage architecture prints, antique lithographs, vintage animals, chair, midcentury dollhouse doll, old game parts and marbles, tea pot, parasol. 

We all have one spectacular act that can be performed only once in our lives, hopefully with an audience. I think this pony outdid himself. 


Thoughts and Notes Exclaimed



Exclamation mark made with antique book cover, original class notes from 1920s, old postcards and illustrations, antique deer and sheep, glass inkwells, pocket watch, shell, twig, vintage book, ink pen and ink pen nibs.

I have a vast collection of old journals written during the early part of the 20th century when living life seemed to always come with an exclamation point. Back then the simple act of visiting a friend, strolling the beach or just taking an afternoon walk came with an appreciation and excitement we don’t associate with the mundane these days.  It’s probably why so many old journal entries ended with a big ‘ol fat ink exclamation  point instead of a period. I pay homage to this by affixing old ink pen nibs to the end of the shell and twig dipped in the ink wells, and using them as thorns, flower buds, deer antlers, sheep legs and the stem of a grape. Maybe Covid  has taught us to use an exclamation mark on the mundane. 

Wild Life Photograhy


Made with vintage tin toys and animals, Spartus camera,  flash bulbs, bisque doll parts, old map and pages from vintage dictionary. 
Kick up your heels -as the tripod suggests- and experience the wild side of life. 

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Made with vintage spools of thread and yarn, Simplicity dress pattern, time chart from vintage geography book, scissors, and clock. 
I was sure to stitch the time at 9 o’clock.

Roadside Attractions

Shown framed in 2.5” deep frame
Made with vintage postcards, road maps, Statue of Liberty souvenir, Kodak camera and flashbulbs, silverware covered with American flag.

Special Delivery


21” x 21”
shown  in 2.5” framed which is wrapped with old postmarked envelopes.
 Please email me for additional photos of piece displayed on wall.
Made with vintage original letters, envelopes and postage stamps, vintage mailman die cut, old brass post office box with eye peering out, typewriter keys and parts used on wheels and as envelope wings, weather barometer, sealing wax. 

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat or gloom of night stays these couriers from their swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Handle With Care

24” x 30”
Framed wrapped in postal paper
Made with flag, cigar and wooden boxes, pages from autograph book dated late 1800’s, vintage postage labels, eagle,eggs wrapped with maps, arrowhead, penny, vintage lead Indian and soldier. 

Flower Power

16” x 16” x1.5”
Assemblage on cradled board with vintage flower prints, emergency switch, field gauge, wire.

Creature Comforts

15” x 17”
Made with antique tin elephant, vintage lead kangaroo and celluloid bear toys, couch, glass filled with miniature fruit, moss on a branch found during hike in New Hampshire, chair with bird egg on velvet cushion, illustrations from vintage Mammalia Enclyclopedia

Hot and Cold Personality

18” x 24”
Made with vintage hot and cold handles and faucet, handle, antique etchings, illustrations from an 1900 edition of the book Pilgrim’s Progress, brass halo, and vintage items pouring out of the faucet. 
Due to the current state of affairs in this world we all are trying to share, I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one whose personality is running hot and cold these days. 

Doll Face

11” x 13”
Made with antique photo, bisque doll head, pearls, original photographer trademark art steamed off from the backs of antique photos.

The Game of Life

21” x 21”
Made with vintage game boxes, boards and carnival signs, tickets, old games pieces and toys, vintage  tin toys.
Buckle up, people! Life is one hell of a ride!

The Remedy

15” x 17”
Made with vintage anatomy illustrations, time charts, metal clipboard, medicine bottles, spoons, heart, and watch face.
Until a vaccine is found, compassion, love, and patience is the only remedy we’ve got.


21” x 21”
Made with vintage card game box and cards, road maps,, flash bulbs, suitcase,  vintage bottle caps, compass, vintage metal gas station pump toy,fork, knife, spoon, old toy car towing  a vintage camera. 

Star Catching Machinery

20” x 22”
Made with vintage astrology illustrations, star maps, old brass faucet with pearls posing as stars pouring from faucet into industrial parts which feed into vials labeled STARS. A vintage ceramic cherub sits atop the “star range”  meter while a vintage Statue of Liberty corks the bottles on the assembly line. The star catcher is made from an old timer, spoons, erector set parts, and topped with a pice of old crystal jewelry. The center of the piece holds an old start button which is on a old watch gear. The planets circling the sky are old glass marbles. 


15” x  17”
Made with original handwritten land deed dated 1802, compass with pencil, Antique book titled Secret of a Happy Day, vintage drawing book, blocks, watch face, old etchings, and dried moss on a stick collected on a recent hikes the woods. 

Making Cents of it All

24” x 26”
Made with vintage money, antique The Fortune Teller game box cover, brass scale, vintage bull and bear figurines, “crystal ball” with dice, copper pennies, vintage metal cent symbol, cards from old card game.

Possible Impossibilities

15” x 17”
Made with vintage postcards, Empire State Building souvenir, wooden skein with string, elephant with spoons and propeller hat, old aeronautical maps. 

Waiting for the Rain

20” x 20”
framed under glass 
Made with assorted medical tool parts, antique hose head, wrist and pocket watch faces, metal leaves, vintage  climate and world maps,  vintage hygrometer, pages and illustrations from vintage book of flowers, gems taken from old costume jewelry. 
You can’t always set your watch to when Spring will arrive. But I have a strong sense that flowers do. They’ve been dormant for months and expect the Spring with the rain and the warm rays of sun to be punctual so that they can come back to life. In fact, they’ve set their watches by it.

Once Upon a Time

21" x 21"
Framed under glass
Made with found sticks and twigs, vintage bisque doll parts, antique typewriter parts,  hand cut books, vintage book illustrations,  antique toys and  ink  pen nibs used as buds on trees, horse legs and fox tail.
The most memorable stories written always begin with Once Upon a Time.....

Where the Wild Things Roam

20" x 20"
Framed under glass
Made with old Corona typewriter parts, ribbon, vintage elephant figurine, brass animals, and vintage book and book pages.
My ideas are often inspired by vintage beautiful book covers like this one. I didn’t have to read it to know that there were some very exciting tales of wild animals roaming between the pages.

Night Owls

22" x 22" x 1.5"
Framed under glass
Made with old owl prints, lighter, flashlight, antique claw feet holding a planet, marbles, watches,      chains, and stars made with stones from vintage jewelry.
I’m a night owl. While most people are settling in for the night and ending their day, I’m often just getting started. 

The Escape

15" x 17" x 1.5"
framed under glass
Made with antique bird lithograph, cage, vintage anagrams, miniature cup on table, candle on chair, and fork which fell from cage and now sits atop the letter H, and leaves collected off trees during the middle of winter in New Hampshire.
I've never been a fan of any animal locked in a cage. As a kid I cried at zoos and my parents were politely asked to remove me from the bleachers the first time I went to a circus. Seeing all those beautiful animals cooped up in cages then dressed up in stupid outfits to be paraded around and gawked at did not put me in a jolly mood.  Much to the dismay of my fellow circus goers I let everyone know it.
What if the tables were turned and we were the ones locked up in cages.  Hopefully a kind animal looking in would have the heart to let us out or we’d just get fed up and find our own way out.  
The fact is we all feel a little caged in sometimes. Who hasn't thought of escaping?


15" x 17"
Framed under glass
Made with original doctors' prescriptions from the 1920's, book pages and  illustrations from vintage  health books, spoons, medicine bottle, and various objects including a toy plane, dog, paint tubes, shells, etc. spilling out of the bottle and sitting on the spoons.
We all have our own antidotes for when we are feeling a little under the weather both mentally or physically. Some hop on a plane, read a book, walk the dog, look at the stars, take a drive. Whatever your chosen remedy,  it is sometimes a far more wholesome choice than some of the drugs prescribed by these doctors. Did you read some of the prescriptions? No wonder we're a drug obsessed society.

Depth of Field Sonata

20” x 26”
Framed under glass.
Made with violin, bellows camera parts, sheet music, vintage prints, Victorian photo album pages, beech tree leaves, wasp nest, hand painted field scene on violin face, and vine.
This is purely a play on words I couldn’t resist capturing in a piece. I am a fan of nature photography and documentaries which often use classical music to heighten and accentuate the drama and beauty. This is my interpretation of the forces of photography, nature and music coming together. Please take note of bird peering out of camera lens and flower in view finder.

Blowing a Fuse

21" x 23"
framed under glass
Vintage scientific electronic board, wires, knobs, knife switch, vintage fuses.